Cozy phone Review

We were very excited to get the opportunity to review a set of CozyPhones. As a family that do a lot of driving around, keeping Lily entertained while not distracting us is important. 

The CozyPhones really help us with this. They are a range of fun, headband style earphone, compatible with smartphones, tablets and much more!

Having the iPad in the car with Lily is great way to keep her amused, but I’ve found the noises the apps making distract me as a driver. The problem is, she needs them to play the game.

The CozyPhones stop this. They fit in a similar way to sleep mask or sports band, meaning they don’t flop about or need constant adjusting. I’ve found the traditional over ear headphones would slip about and get squashed if Lily fell alseep in the car. As the CozyPhones sits like a band, they offer no obstruction which I liked.

The best part though is the extremely cool designs. For Lily, we went with a frog design. I personally would love a unicorn one but there are so many to choose from including a panda, fox and monster design.

I’ve since discovered that you can get plain ones for adults which are great for use at the gym or travel.

Why my get your little one (or treat yourself) a set of CozyPhones. You can buy them today at or via Amazon.

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