Is your baby’s food causing speech problems?

Can it really be that baby’s food packaging can cause speech problems?

Research from Kiddylicious Little Bistro has found that 71% of parents are unaware of the negative effect the plastic spout on some products can have on their baby’s speech development and teeth formation.

Dentist Dr Nigel Carter OBE said that “Spouts, which are featured on the packaging of some convenience foods, may cause problems with the correct development of teeth with poor positioning and crowding”.

He also added that prolonged sucking could lead to the upper jaw of your chhilds mouth failing to form properly.

As a popular way of providing food to your child on-the-go, Thai is worrying stuff. I know that I enjoyed the convenience and lack of mess that came along with them.

Thankfully, Lily’s development seems to be unaffected, but with their popularity raising, could these problems become more prominent?
We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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