They lied, it doesn’t get easier…

Not one bit!

Leaving Lily every day to go to work doesn’t get easier at all! It gets harder and more frustrating. All I seem to do lately is completely miss out on everything. She has developed and progressed so much over the last month and I haven’t had a chance to be a part of it.

I’m really struggling with it. It’s not like university where you hold out for the holidays to catch up on everything. You have no downtime and the holiday I have booked in is for the wedding. I have a few days after that, but it’s no match on the dream of being her mummy all day every day.

I know that I can’t just stop working, we need to make a living to give Lily every opportunity possible, but how can I stop feeling this rubbish? There must be a way of may be not feeling better about the situation, but at least dealing with it.

Below is a video I captured after arriving at work and leaving Lily and for me, it was hard to watch back!

Hopefully, it will get better soon! X

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