When you finally get some alone time!

This week has been a really odd one. Matt’s working away and due to childcare logistics, Lily is on a week long sleepover at her gradnmother’s house. I’ve found myself in that odd world mums sometimes dream about…I’m at home, alone, for a whole week!

I don’t think I have had this much free time to dedicate to myself since becoming a mum our years ago. My usual routine involves coming home from work to a pile of washing up, toys all over the floor and a bouncing child who is desperate to tell you every little thing about their day. I love that, all of it, but sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to be able to come home and just sit down with a cup of tea.  I miss them, but oh my god the joy of relaxing and doing noting on the sofa is amazing!

It was weird but to come home and find everything exactly where I left it, no random crayons anywhere or snack crumbs over the table was refreshing. The only downside is that my usual evening activities are missing and I have all this time to fill up.

I’ve managed to start a personal project that I have been planning for a while, rearrange some furniture and get on with some of the final parts of our wedding (which I can’t believe is only 7 weeks away). It’s also been nice to not have to watch endless episodes of Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and Topsy & Tim! The nicest part is that I’ve been able to invest some time in catching up with friends and family, even if it is just a quick phone call to say hello.

Whenever I see parenting threads on social media, I always see the endless stream of comments like ‘oh what I could do without children’ or ‘this would take no time at all if the kids wern’t here’. It’s true, but the place just feels empty and not quite right without them. The flat has always been our home as a family, Lily arrived only a few months after we initially moved in and this is the first full block of time where she hasn’t really been here but one of us has!

I’ll enjoy the remaining days of peacefulness left, but I’m so excited for them both to come home!

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