My name is Alexandra Pearson and I am the creator and writer of the Young Mummy Survival Guide and just like some of my readers, I too am a young mummy.

I was 19 when I fell pregnant with my daughter and felt like the world shut me out. I didn’t really know what to do or say. I had only really just started my final year at college and had only been with my boyfriend a few months.

I remember thinking that my life was over and feeling like I had failed. I went on a desperate internet search for any form of help I could and all the advice I found was aimed at women who had a stable job, husband and home. Essentially, the ‘picture perfect’ life.

On the 21st September 2013, my beautiful little girl was born and a new challenge and chapter of my life started. Life was tough after my daughter arrived. My boyfriend headed straight back to work and I was diagnosed with post natal depression.

When Lily was about 5 months old, I decided to apply for a course at my local university and I was determined to make my daughter proud.


The blog started as a project at university about writing and reaching out to an audience (quite useful now!). During the project, the blog received some amazing feedback from other young mothers about how they wished they had been pointed towards something like this during their pregnancies.

It was then that I decided to keep this blog going! Since the project has ended, the Young Mummy Survival Guide has continued to grow and has become more popular.

Since January 2015, I have also been writing a monthly blog post for the Eddie Catz blog as the Young Mummy Survival Guide. I am pleased, excited and proud that the Young Mummy Survival Guide is a part of the Eddie Catz family and hope to grow more by being involved.

The Young Mummy Survival Guide aims to help younger mothers not only through pregnancy, but the whole mummy life itself. Being a mum is a tough job and we all need a little help sometimes!

All readers are welcome to leave comments and contact us via the details on the contact page. You can also learn more about me by clicking here!

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Another great post! Sounds like a great project and one that’s followed into some great too. As always thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


  2. What an amazing inspirational young woman you are! This website is amazing! Good job well done! I truly beleive what happens in life is meant to be and that everything happens for a reason!!


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