Alex’s birth story

I’m Alex and I am the writer and creator of the Young Mummy Survival Guide. I thought it was about time that I shared my birth story.

My baby girl was due on September 9th 2013. After 9 months of waiting, a house move, exams at college and a lot of stress, nothing happened. I think when you’re pregnant, you see your due date as a goal to aim for. “Just two more weeks”, “Just three more days” and then when the day arrives and nothing happens, it leaves you a little deflated.

Matt and I spent another two weeks sat at home waiting. Everyday, we would sit and wait for anything to happen. Seriously anything! The slightest bit of pain made us excited and panic.

Halfway through the second week, my midwife booked me in for an induction. That was slightly scary. To know that if nothing happened between that day and then, I would go to the hospital and have my baby then. On that day.

Saturday September 21st arrived and we got in the car and headed to the hospital. After all of that waiting, being checked over and poked about, everything started, on its own, before the midwife even had a chance to get the medication. Clearly the thought of being poked about put Lily off waiting any longer.

“I’m still trying to catch up on sleep 2 years later!”

The next 9 hours were some of the worst. I have, never, ever been in so much pain. Everyone says that once you’ve had your baby, you forget the pain. No in my case, I remember every single bit of it.

Come 18:05pm though, it was over. 9 months of waiting, 9 hours of pain and pushing and then there she was. Our beautiful Lily. Our little Lily who we had named and talked about from 9 whole months was now here and a real person. She was there on my chest, with her eyes open, staring around the room in silence.

Even from day one, she has never been a loud baby.

It still a day that’s weird in my mind. And experience which has never quite fallen into a category. I think the strangest part is how Matt sees the whole thing, it’s completely different to my view on the whole thing! hopefully I can convince him to write about his experience of it all.

One piece of advice I would give any expectant mum though is don’t get tied to a certain way of giving birth. I wanted to have every drug possible and to not feel a thing. In the end, I had only gas and air. It allowed me to recover a bit quicker and allowed me to really spend sometime with her before I eventually, passed out asleep from lack of energy. I’m still trying to catch up on sleep 2 years later!

Copyright: Alexandra Hurton