Baby & Child Loss

Losing your baby/child is one of the most emotionally tough times in a parents life. Although it is a tough road and nothing can replace what you have lost, there are many organisations out there who can support you and your family and help you to not get back to normal (I don’t think it could), but to find a new normal full of happy memories.

SANDS – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity

SANDS is a well known and respected charity offering support to the whole family. Their website offers a whole world of information from what to expect if your baby passes away before labour and saying goodbye to your baby.They also offer you a section devoted to what you need to do legally such as registering your baby or child’s death.

You can also find our about their baby loss awareness week and different suggestions of how to remember your child through their remembrance events and light of love.

You can find more information about what they can offer here.

Miscarriage Association 

The miscarriage association aims to make sure that everyone receives the right support after a miscarriage.

“Everyone affected by pregnancy loss receives the care, support and information that they need.  No-one suffers preventable harm from pregnancy loss.”   – Miscarriage Association 

As well as offering support after a miscarriage, they also offer support to those suffering repeat miscarriages and fertility problems, all of which can be emotionally and mentally tough. The miscarriage association aims to make sure that everyone receives the right support after a miscarriage.logo

They also offer a lot of information for health professionals and a forum where parents and health professionals can talk about their experiences.

To find out more about their services, click here.

Child Bereavement UK 

Child Bereavement UK is a charity that supports families and aims to educate professionals. Ongoing education is vital and by working with professionals, Child Bereavement UK is supporting all.

They also offer bereavement support for parents and families who have lots a baby or child, including the younger members of your family. It can be hard to lose a sibling at a young age and this support can really help them to understand what has happened.

For more information, click here.

If you know of any more support services, the please get in touch here and let us know so we can share it.