Fiat 500L: For the family living life to the full!

Earlier this month I was invited to try out the new 500L form Fiat. In a time where choosing a car is one of the most important decisions made by a family, I wanted to see for myself just how suitable it would be for younger families. Continue reading “Fiat 500L: For the family living life to the full!”

C-sections and your skin

Australian skincare brand What Skin Needs wants mums to love their skin. We put so much effort and thought into keeping our children’s skin nurtured and loved, that we forget about our own, especially when it has been put under strain.  Continue reading “C-sections and your skin”

Mum’s Christmas Wish List: 2017

We see gift list after gift list for children at Christmas so I thought I’d put together a mini-list for mum’s this year. Here are some little treats for your mum this Christmas. Continue reading “Mum’s Christmas Wish List: 2017”

Primary school open day: Five questions you should always ask.

Visiting a potential school for your child is always nerve wracking. It’s a big decision to make and you want to be sure that you have all the information you need. We’re off to visit our first choice of school for Lily tomorrow and my mind has been spinning with questions to ask!  Continue reading “Primary school open day: Five questions you should always ask.”

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Yes, it is that time of year again! The Argos catalogue will soon be full of marker pen circles showing your child’s wants and wishes this Christmas season. Below are my top gifts for 2017! Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide 2017”

Weekend Box Fun with Snazaroo!

We’ve mentioned the Weekend Box on our social media and blog posts before. They’re a great way of entertaining your little one at home and on the go. We were thrilled to be sent the Snazaroo Weekend Box featuring one of our favourite things to do…Face Painting!

IMG_3409Firstly, this box has been a lifesaver lately. We’re in the final stages of wedding prep (9 days to go as I write this) and bless Lily, she has been a star! So a treat like this is just what she deserves plus, it gives us something to do together other than sorting everything else out!

Before we dive into how we got on with the face paint, I just want to point out some key facts about them:

  • Snazaroo’s face paints are made right here in the UK! Another string to our production bow!
  • They’re fragrance and paraben free. This is something important to me as both Lily and I suffer from extremely sensitive skin. This took away a lot of my nerves in using the product.
  • The paints are water-based. This makes them extremely easy to wash off, unlike others on the market.
  • All though they are safe for children to use, Snazaroo recommends that only children aged 3 years and above use them.

The Weekend box provides two mini kits for you to use. The first is the birthday party stamp kit, complete with three colours and three stamps (cupcake, smiley face and musical notes). This kit is easy peasy! You simply select the colour you want, put some paint on the stamp and off you go. You do need to give the stamp a wash before switching colour. I personally found that they mixed easily so just beware of that if you have a lot of children who all want different colours!


The second is the mini-theme pack. Built up of three colours, a brush and sponge, this kit teaches you how to build mime/clown design. I’m no artist, but the instructions show you what to do and in as little as three steps. It starts off looking like quite a complex design, but as you can see you the instructions, it’s surprising how simple the changes between each step are. This pack is priced at £2.99 which I think puts it into a great market. It’s the right size and price for pocket money, restocking the craft box and would also make a great party bag filler!

Don’t forget you can subscribe to get your own Weekend Box over on their website! Click Here to go there and start having fun now!

When you finally get some alone time!

This week has been a really odd one. Matt’s working away and due to childcare logistics, Lily is on a week long sleepover at her gradnmother’s house. I’ve found myself in that odd world mums sometimes dream about…I’m at home, alone, for a whole week! Continue reading “When you finally get some alone time!”

They lied, it doesn’t get easier…

Not one bit!

Leaving Lily every day to go to work doesn’t get easier at all! It gets harder and more frustrating. All I seem to do lately is completely miss out on everything. She has developed and progressed so much over the last month and I haven’t had a chance to be a part of it. Continue reading “They lied, it doesn’t get easier…”