Car Seat Safety Petition

Car seat safety is a massive issue currently in the UK.

With the introduction of the new i-Size laws, parents and retailers a like are confused. It was also shown through BBC’s Watchdog show that the installation and use of car seats is a big problem.

This is why I am now petitioning to have car seat safety information given to parents during the antenatal and postnatal care periods.

Everyday I see parents travelling around with their children placed in car seats which are either incorrectly installed in the car or in starts that are far too lose and this worries me. Errors like this can cause serious injuries in car accidents.

Please sign our petition to get more information out there to parents so that we can make sure that all of our children are the safest they can be while traveling in vehicles.

You can sign our petition by following this link:

The Pinch Test: Copyright Britax, The Parenting Patch
The Pinch Test: Copyright Britax, The Parenting Patch


For those who didn’t catch the latest episode of Watchdog, this is what happened.

They found that a number of stores up and down the country (including the highly trusted Mothercare) that advertise expert fitting services for their car seat sales where incorrect.

When a ‘trained expert’ installs your car seat, you are meant to be able to trust that it is correct and safe. The undercover videos from Watchdog clearly showed that this is not the case and you should always double check your car seat before leaving the store!!

You can see some of Watchdog’s secret filming here:

Please sign and support my petition to give parents more information relating to car seat safety during the antenatal and postnatal care period so that they know how the seat should be fitted and used correctly.


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